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pre-construction management

Pre-construction is the field of activity where projects are developed from design through to the start of construction on site. The individual roles including design co-ordination, estimating, planning and procurement, as well as extending to include the sales, marketing, legal and financial aspects on PFI projects. The output of pre-construction is usually in the form of tenders or proposals to clients, detailing cost and value, time and design proposals, with the addition of legal submissions and financial proposals if required.

Contemporary pre-construction is a demanding and interesting field of activity: less measuring and counting, more creative design development, detailed planning and sophisticated management. Lateral thinking is very much in demand. Clients view the pre-construction stage of a contract as crucial to the success of a project and want input at an early stage to fine tune the design and methodology. This results in significant time savings and increased value of the final product. The pre-construction environment means clients call for computer-literate, motivated professionals with creative and entrepreneurial skills who are keen to bring new ideas to today's demanding projects.

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