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Adjudication is a speedy means of resolving disputes within the construction industry. In many cases, the disputes referred to adjudication relate to a lack of payment or under payment of accounts. An adjudicator's decision may commonly be made within a period of 28 days from referral of the dispute to the adjudicator. Decisions are binding on the parties unless the dispute proceeds to litigation or arbitration and may often act as the basis for resolution of all matters on a particular contract.

The experience and ability to present information in a clear and logical manner, and in a way that the adjudicator will understand, is a major benefit. Lowe can provide skilled personnel to prepare a case for adjudication or to respond to a referral within the time limits laid down.

We are happy to provide a 'no obligation' review of any potential issue or dispute prior to discussing a course of action and agreeing a strategy for our clients.


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